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Artificial Intelligence Platforms and Tools

AI Major Branches

  • Machine Learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics


  • Google Cloud AI
  • NVidia AI
  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • AWS AI Services
  • Dialogflow


  • SageMaker
  • Google AutoML
  • Azure ML Studio
  • IBM Watson Studio


  • Naive Bayes
  • Random Forests
  • SGD Classifier
  • Elastic Net Regression
  • Stacked Auto Encoders


  • SciKit Learn
  • Tensorflow
  • Torch
  • Keras
  • Theano


  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • R
  • GO

Data Exploration

  • Pandas
  • Trifacta
  • Polymer Search
  • BitRook
  • Autoviz

Data Visualization

  • Seaborne
  • MatPlotLib
  • Deepnote
  • Tableau
  • Flourish

Big Data

  • Hadoop
  • Hydra
  • Google Big Query
  • Amazon EMR
  • Azure Data Lake

Smart Systems, Inc.

A Global Leader In Artificial Intelligence Services

Smart Systems, Inc. is a global information technology company with a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Founded in Washington, DC, Smart Systems provides AI, ML, and DL services to its clients operating across most industries and business sectors. We have a long history of AI successes, having been profitable every year since our inception in 2009. Clients include some of the pioneers in the deployment of sophisticated AI systems in Energy, Robotics, and Security; utilizing AI platforms and tools from providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and IBM.

Smart Systems, Inc. (SSI) concentrates its AI efforts on Deep Learning which is most successful at AI solutions modeling, training, and deployment. When implementing AI systems, we mimic the way the human brain functions when confronted with similar challenges. This innovative approach has produced some of the most impactful AI applications to date. These and other accolades make us the ideal business partner to influence your transformation and growth through AI.

Demand for AI applications is growing exponentially as businesses seek to capitalize on the unique capabilities of these systems. Most businesses are racing to implement variations of AI that enable them to be consistently preemptive in decision making and in turn sustain a competitive advantage. The AI market will reach $126 billion by 2025, impacting most industries and glaring proof that failure to embrace this phenomenon will inevitably lead to business demise. You can circumvent being left behind by allowing us to chart your AI course, we have the expertise, know the industry, and can mitigate hidden technical challenges.

SSI has deconstructed the AI industry over the last decade and has synthesized a well defined practice to expedite the process from concept to deployment. For businesses that are overwhelmed or confounded when identifying and selecting impactful AI applications, SSI executes an AI Opportunity Analysis that rapidly narrows the selection to solutions with early ROI. These can range from sophisticated GPT and NLP models with over 150 billion tokenized attributes to massive YOLOv7 and SSD object detection systems operating at 286 fps driven by large scale ontologies leading to microsecond entity perception.


Gemini comes to Google Workspace for Education with generative AI and more data protection. [...]

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, here’s new updates to our accessibility products. [...]

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The story behind how we named Gemini, our most capable AI model. [...]

The FA is using Google Cloud gen AI to identify England's next football stars by analyzing scouting reports. [...]


Whether looking for new adventures, epic storylines or games to play with a friend, GeForce NOW members are covered. Start off with the much-anticipated sequel to the Men of War… [...]

Senior executives from NVIDIA, Siemens and Teradyne Robotics gathered this week in Odense, Denmark, to mark the launch of Teradyne Robotics’ new headquarters and discuss the massive advances coming to… [...]

A collaboration between NVIDIA and academic researchers is prepping robots for surgery. ORBIT-Surgical — developed by researchers from the University of Toronto, UC Berkeley, ETH Zurich, Georgia Tech and NVIDIA… [...]

Basecamp Research is on a mission to capture the vastness of life on Earth at an unprecedented scale. Phil Lorenz, CTO at Basecamp Research, discusses using AI and biodiversity data… [...]

Mozilla Firefox, the popular open-source browser, is the latest partner to incorporate NVIDIA RTX Video, a technology that uses AI to improve video quality on Windows PCs and workstations. [...]


Noise-canceling headphones are a godsend for living and working in loud environments. They automatically identify background sounds and cancel them out for much-needed peace and quiet. However, typical noise-canceling fails… [...]

A team of researchers at Delft University of Technology has developed a drone that flies autonomously using neuromorphic image processing and control based on the workings of animal brains. Animal… [...]

Many people understand the concept of bias at some intuitive level. In society, and in artificial intelligence systems, racial and gender biases are well documented. [...]

Imagine you and a friend are playing a game where your goal is to communicate secret messages to each other using only cryptic sentences. Your friend's job is to guess… [...]

A new method uses a digital twin to optimize manufacturing machine speed—known as feed rate—while adhering to quality constraints, according to a study by University of Michigan researchers published in… [...]


BestEDROfTheMarket is a naive user-mode EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tool designed to serve as a testing ground [...]

AgentSmith HIDS is a powerful component of a Host-based Intrusion Detection system, it has anti-rootkit functionalities and is a very performant way to collect information about a host. [...]

padre is an advanced exploiter and Padding Oracle attack tool that can be deployed against CBC mode encryption. [...]

The evolution of the internet has been rapid over the years and has impacted the privacy implications of Web 3.0 and Darknets [...]

DataSurgeon (ds) is a versatile tool designed to Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs, it's intended to be used for incident response, penetration testing, and CTF challenges. [...]


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